All About Getting Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Turkey, 2022 Prices, FAQS And Reviews

What are Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a field of dentistry that encompasses procedures used to treat problems in the mouth. Cosmetic dental treatments are procedures that can treat broken, cracked, crooked, long, short, yellowed, stained and missing teeth. These procedures include, after the examination, deciding which one the patient needs and determining how the procedure works.

Why Should I Get Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Aesthetic dental treatments are treatments that almost everyone should receive. Because teeth attract attention on the human face. Beautiful looking teeth are the need of every person. However, sometimes teeth disturb individuals with their undesirable appearance. Sometimes stained, sometimes broken, sometimes yellow teeth shake the self-confidence of the individual and significantly hinder his social life. For this reason, every individual who wants to have healthy teeth should benefit from aesthetic dentistry.

What Problems Do Cosmetic Dental Treatments Treat?

Cosmetic dental treatments can treat every problem you can think of. Different procedures apply for each. For this reason, the necessary examination is performed to understand what the patient needs, and then the treatment begins, sometimes requiring more than one treatment. Some of the problems that can be treated are as follows.

  • Fracture
  • Missing
  • Trapezoid
  • Sear
  • Stained
  • Disproportionate
  • Rotten

Why Should I Travel Abroad for Aesthetic Dentistry?

Since cosmetic dental treatments are applied to achieve an aesthetic appearance, they are often not covered by insurance. For this reason, citizens of many countries cannot afford the treatment costs in their own countries or seek more affordable treatments because they do not want their savings to decrease.

In such a case, the best idea would be to seek treatment in another country. Many countries provide inexpensive treatments. At the same time, having endless options is another reason for preference. As a result of making the necessary research, the patient can get treatment in the country he/she prefers by making the most appropriate decision for him.

Is Turkey Safe to Get Treatment?

Turkey is perhaps a country where you can get the safest treatment among many countries. Treatments in Turkey are very high quality. Clinics are extremely hygienic. The products used during the treatment are original certified products. At the same time, many clinics are checked twice a year by the Turkish government, and clinics that provide poor quality treatment are closed. For this reason, there are very few clinics in the country where you can get poor quality treatment, if not at all.

Why is Turkey Preferred for Treatments?

Turkey is a very successful location in the field of health. This location, which is frequently mentioned in health tourism, is known for its successful treatments. At the same time, it is among the countries that provide the most affordable treatment service when compared to other countries. Therefore, Turkey is preferred in many ways. On the other hand, it is a country with both summer and winter tourism. This provides patients with the opportunity to both receive treatment and take a vacation in the country whenever they wish for 12 months.

Advantages of Getting Treatment in Turkey

  • Reasonable price
  • Quality treatments
  • Treatments with a high success rate
  • Affordable for non-treatment expenses
  • Treatment with state-of-the-art devices
  • Guaranteed treatments
  • Easy communication
  • Opportunity to take a vacation while being treated

What are the Average Prices of Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Turkey?

The prices of dental treatments vary according to the required procedure. However, the average prices in Turkey vary between 100 – 5000 euros. It is very affordable compared to other countries. However, as Curebooking, we guarantee the best price for every treatment.
Curebooking Dental treatments price list is as follows. Prices are valid until the new year. You can both choose Turkey for the New Year holiday and benefit from these prices.

Types of Dental Treatment Price In Euro
Zirconium Crown165 Euro
E- max Veneers290 Euro
Porcelain Crown95 Euro
Laminate veneers225 Euro
Hollywood Smile2.275 – 4.550 Euro
Composite Bonding135 Euro
Teeth whitening115 Euro
cosmetic Dental treatment


I Don’t Like My Smile Can I Have This Made?

Yes, you can have your smile again by making use of the smile design procedure preferred by many patients who do not like their smile. There are many health tourists who have smile designs done in Turkey. It is a method that includes many procedures such as smile design, lip filling, gum treatments, teeth whitening. With the necessary measurements, your doctor will design the best smile for you.

Do Cosmetic Dental Treatments Look Natural?

For dental treatments, coatings or implants made of many materials can be used. Depending on the area where the tooth will be made, natural-looking or solid materials can be preferred. However, with the latest technology, treatments that are important for the front teeth to look natural can be completed quite easily and offer a completely natural appearance.

Is Dental Treatment Painful?

No. Dental treatments can be performed without any anesthesia when necessary, or with local anesthesia in cases where it will be painful. Your doctor will make the best decision for you in accordance with the procedure. Thanks to local anesthesia, it is not possible to feel any pain.

Can Missing Teeth Be Treated?

There are many patients with missing teeth. The treatment of this with aesthetic dentistry is very easy and permanent. More than one procedure can be applied in tooth deficiencies. Sometimes implants and sometimes bridges can treat this. After the necessary examination, you can have a completely natural new tooth.

Comments of Patients Receiving Treatment in Turkey


If you want to feel welcome and comfortable and at ease !! And have the best outcome this is the place to go !! I was so nervous before I went there after consultation I was at ease and so happy with End product!! How little time it took and how comfortable I was made to feel ! I was happy with final job ! The dentist said I think this will look better and he was right ! Even tho it took the surgery more time to do !! But he was right well happy !


Everything has just been amazing. Service is on point all the way. Pick up service from hotel, great drinks from Fresh Pegs and the kindest staff – you feel welcome and in good hands all the way. The Clinic is very beautiful and clean. I could not be happier with my dental work. Thank you so much.

3- Comments

The best dental care ever. Very proffessional staff and equally knowlegable as well as experienced. More important you will not get a better price anywhere in the world. Thank you for this amazing smile you gave me.

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