Cosmetic Dental Treatments And Countries

As curebooking, our article about cosmetic dental treatments and countries will help you decide.


What is Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Cosmotic dental treatments are the treatment methods in which procedures such as composite bonding, veneer, tooth whitening, dental implant, smile design are applied.

It is usually an aesthetic treatment method and therefore they are not covered by insurance.

Who Can Have Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Although it is generally suitable for many people aged 15 and over, it would be a healthier decision to talk to your doctor within the scope of the procedure to be chosen.

Procedure for Receiving Dental Treatment

First of all, dental problems are the damage to the teeth due to certain reasons. There are different procedures that can treat these problems. There are different treatment options for each dental problem. With the doctor’s examination, the problems in the teeth are indicated and the necessary treatment procedure is presented to the patient and his approval is obtained. If the patient approves, the problematic teeth are corrected.

Why Get Dental Treatment?

Dental treatments are applied to correct fractures, cracks, gaps between teeth and bad tooth color. Teeth play an important role in our daily life when talking, laughing and eating. Therefore, it is important for our personal care that they look beautiful. The problems that arise do not go away on their own, so beautiful looking teeth are important for us to continue our social life and they require treatment.

Why Dental Problems Occur

Although dental problems occur due to not paying attention to oral hygiene, they also occur genetically, besides, they can occur due to many reasons such as hormonal changes, smoking and alcohol use, teeth grinding during sleep, stress, diabetes, use of certain drugs.

Things to consider after dental treatment

No special care is required after most cosmetic dental treatments, but patients with a habit of grinding their teeth due to some procedures are recommended to wear a mouthpiece while sleeping.

should not try to open nuts and soda caps with the teeth.

It is also important for patients who are involved in any martial arts to wear a mouth guard.

However, they should continue their daily dental care routines and go to their annual doctor’s check-ups.

Are dental treatments permanent solutions?

Procedures are important for this answer, which procedure to do should be discussed with doctor and asked how durable it is, but if you have good oral hygiene, many procedures can live with you for a long time.

Why go abroad for aesthetic dental treatment?

In order to receive quality treatment at affordable prices, it will be the right choice to receive treatment abroad for both quality treatment and vacation, if you pay attention to the country and clinics you will choose, it is possible to get a quality treatment that you would probably receive in your own country at a more affordable price in another country.

What should be considered when choosing a country?

First of all, it would be good for you to learn the cost of living in the country after doing a research on the country, it is not logical to be treated at an affordable price in a country with a high cost of living,  statistics should be read about the country and countries with low living costs should be considered, You can call the clinics and get information about prices and ask for before and after photos of previous patients.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Clinic Abroad?

The first place you should pay attention to when choosing a clinic abroad is especially social media accounts and comments, reading objective comments from many people today can make our decision easier and help us choose our clinic, secondly, you should do research about doctors in the clinic

Advantages of Being Treated Abroad

If you choose the right country and clinic, it will come at a very affordable price for you, They welcome you as a tourist in the country and make an effort to please you,you have the advantage of seeing a new country, you can take a short holiday in this country where you go for treatment and collect good memories.

Countries and costs


The country is generally at an average level in terms of living costs, among the countries that are on the rise in terms of health tourism in general, dental treatments are not very affordable in terms of cost, the minimum price is 1000 euros.

Costa Rica:

Although the cost of living is generally affordable in Costa Rica, health tourism prices are high due to tourist visits to the country. If you want to opt for a quality treatment, there will probably be a slight change in the prices in your country. An average dental treatment costs 800 Euros.


Turkey is a holiday destination for many tourists, but it is also a highly developed country in the field of health, as the cost of living is quite low (the minimum wage is 260 euros), the average price of any dental treatment is only 500 euros.

The clinics use state-of-the-art equipment and the doctors are highly experienced.

If you want to have a holiday in Turkey at an affordable price and return to your country with a first-class treatment, you can contact us.

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