Dental Treatment And Countries Comparison

Mexico, Turkey and Costa rico Comparison

What Is Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

It is to apply cosmetic dental procedures to broken, crooked, rotten, cracked and stained teeth in order to improve their aesthetic appearance.

Who Can Have Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Although dental treatment procedures differ, many procedures, except for important procedures, can be easily applied to every individual who has completed tooth development.

Procedure For Receiving Dental Treatment

It should not be forgotten that each treatment procedure has a different operation. After the doctor’s examination, it is decided whether it is suitable for you in line with the procedure required for the treatment of the teeth.

Why Get Dental Treatment?

Dental treatments are applied to correct fractures, cracks, gaps between teeth and bad tooth color. Teeth play an important role in our daily life when talking, laughing and eating. Therefore, it is important for our personal care that they look beautiful. The problems that arise do not go away on their own, so beautiful-looking teeth are important for us to continue our social life and they require treatment. There are different procedures that can treat these problems. There are different treatment options for each dental problem. With the doctor’s examination, the problems in the teeth are indicated and the necessary treatment procedure is decided for the patient.

Why Dental Problems Occur

Although dental problems occur due to not paying attention to oral hygiene, they can also occur genetically as well as due to many reasons such as hormonal changes, smoking and alcohol use, stress, diabetes, and the use of certain drugs. And although they do not go away on their own, they require treatment.

Things To Consider After Dental Treatment

1-No special care is required after most cosmetic dental treatments, but patients who have a habit of grinding their teeth due to some procedures are recommended to wear a mouthpiece while sleeping.

2-The shells of the shelled foods should not be broken with the teeth.

3-Do not try to open soda caps with teeth.

4-Patients dealing with any martial arts should wear mouth guards.

5-They should continue their daily dental care routines and go to annual doctor checks.

Why Go Abroad For Aesthetic Dental Treatment?

In order to get quality treatment at affordable prices, it will be the right choice to receive treatment abroad, if you pay attention to the countries and clinics you choose, it is possible to get the quality treatment you want. It is also highly preferred for patients who want to be treated and take a vacation.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Country?

When choosing a country, the cost of living of the country and the minimum salary in the country are important. It is also necessary to research the exchange rates in the country, they give clues about the cost of treatment in the country, so you can find out the average prices and evaluate the clinics that want to pay lower or higher than these prices.

Advantages Of Being Treated Abroad

1-It is possible to get first-class treatments at very affordable prices.

2-If you travel with your family, you can have both your treatment and a vacation.

3-You can contact the clinic where you will be treated and request services for accommodation and transportation, you can do this at a very affordable price and your extra expenses will be reduced.

Dental Treatment In Mexico

When we examine Mexico in general terms, we see that it is a very dangerous country as a result of statistics. There are many people who practice dentistry without permission. Those who will prefer Mexico should be careful about this and sure that they find a real dentist.The minimum wage paid in Mexico is 450 Euros. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom flat is 285 Euros. The average meal cost for one person in a normal level restaurant in the country is 20 euros. In fact, the cost of living is not very low. It is possible to get more affordable treatments in a better quality and safer country.

Dental Treatment In Costa Rico

Costa Rica is a highly preferred country that hosts many tourists in general terms, besides being indispensable for vacationers, it has recently started to be preferred for dental treatments. The minimum wage paid in the country is 720 euros. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 440 euros on average. The cost per meal per person in an average restaurant is 30 euros. If you look at it in this way, although it is a country that can be preferred in terms of dental treatments, besides having slightly higher prices than Mexico in terms of living costs, you can examine other countries and get more affordable and better quality treatments.

Dental Treatment In Turkey

Turkey is a highly preferred destination in terms of both holiday tourism and health tourism. The reason why it is preferred in terms of holiday tourism is its clean air, forests and seas. At the same time, in the country where the cost of living is low, transportation and accommodation are very convenient for tourists, making it a highly preferred region. The country has developed in health tourism as state-of-the-art devices and certified original products are used in the clinics. Patients who want to be treated often prefer Turkey in order to have a vacation and to be treated.
Doctors’ manual skills are also high, so the satisfaction rate of the patients is quite high. Due to the high exchange rate in the country, patients prefer to receive the best treatments at affordable prices in high-quality clinics in Turkey, instead of receiving treatment in a high-priced medium-quality clinic in their country.
Minimum wage in the country: 415 Euros.
One month’s accommodation in a one-bedroom apartment in the country: 215 euros.
Meal for one person in a standard restaurant in the country: 4 euros.

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